Chongde Shingle Beach
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Follow the Chongde Trail, and go down to the steps, and walk for about 10 minutes and you will reach Chongde Shingle beach, which is covered with colorful shingle.

The Chongde Trail starts from the sight-seeing platform at the north of the Chongde Tunnel, down to the stone steps; it is a short path. There are information plaques set along the path. Tourists can read about the local plants and landscape. All of the path are paved with flagstones. Most of the plants along this path belong to sun-like broadleaf trees. At the end of the path are stone benches where tourists can sit to enjoy the magnificent scenery of the white waves crashing on the rocks.

Down to the shingle beach, you can view the lovely coastal scenery, with the azure blue sea and touch the soft beach. Looking to the north, you can see the Qingshui Cliff which is one of the "Eight Wonders" in Taiwan. You can admire the majestic appearance coastal cliffs. Looking to the south, you can see the Liwu River wander to the sea and the Chongde delta. You can sit on the beach watching fishermen fix their nets, and if you are lucky, see their catch.

Chongde beach is the best place to enjoy the sunrise The rays of morning shine on the sea surface and become thousands of flickering points of light. You can also see flocks of birds flying about and diving for food.

When you drive along the Su-Hua Highway, do not miss this place that will make you feel relaxed and happy.

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