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Qingshui Cliff

Situated between Heren and Chongde on the Su-Hua Highway, Qingshui Cliff is a big formed by Chongde, Qingshui and Heping mountain coastal cliffs. Creating a magnificent scene, it stretches more than 21km and rises vertically from the Pacific Ocean, with an average height of over 800m. This section of cliff is composed of gneiss and marble. It has risen straight up on the eastern coast of Taiwan for thousands of years. The route along the Qingshui Cliff is the only coastal road in Taroko National Park. The site of the Qingshui Cliff was designated in 1953 by the Taiwan government as one of the island's "Eight Wonders."

Among these cliffs, the east-south cliff of Mt. Qingshui is the steepest. The cliff facing the sea is 5km long and is very spectacular. Driving a car between cliff and the boundless ocean it almost feels like you are flying. The enormous cliff above combined with the boundless ocean below, reminding us of the hardships faced by the workers who built the road.

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Most sections of current Su-Hua highway were rebuilt using a new tunnel boring method to widen the roads. The old Su-Hua Highway coastal road along the edge of Qingshui Cliff has become another tranquil and fascinating sight-seeing path. When you walk on the old road and observe the quiet mountain range, look down to the waves crashing and feel the breeze, you will feel just like you are in a corridor in the sky.

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