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There are 183 pings(1 ping=3.3058 square meter) in Hehuan Villa, which provides accommodation, food and beverage. It is used to be dedicated for the use of the Chinese Youth Corp. in the snow season. The Hehuan Villa now does not provide accommodation anymore but only offering information to tourists. The Songxue Lodge(Altitude 3158m) has reconstructed and has been leasing out to the private sector.The lodging reservation contact telephone is 04-2522-9696.

The Mt. Hehuan area is renowned for becoming a lovely white world when snow falls. However, it is also very beautiful in spring and summer. Visitors can use Songxue Lodge as their base for exploration or choose to stay lower elevation at Guanyuang Guanyun Youth Hostel instead.

Although Mt. Hehuan is not the highest mountain in Taiwan, it is the area most likely to experience snowfall because of geographic conditions and the moisture from Liwu River when the temperature is low enough it snows. The snowfall and Yushan cane(Yushania niitakayamensis) slope gives the area potential as a place to ski. It attracts a lot of visitors in winter who flock here to enjoy and play in the snow and experience the beauty of the flakes in the wind.

Verdant fir forests surround Yushan cane (dwarf bamboo) grasslands. There are wild lilies in bloom on the mountainside from July to September, red Polygonum cuspidatum, as well as various flowers with white, yellow and purple blossoms. Summer in Hehuan mountain should be savored.

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