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Heren Shingle Beach
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Beside the Heren park boundary landmark on the Su-Hua Highway is the entrance to the Heren Trail (only about 200m long). You will reach Heren pebble Beach, after leaving the trail and going through a small wood.

The very first sights you will see are the large and small stones on the sand beach. These stones were originally part of the rock wall that fell to the seashore during landslides. You will then see a large stretch of clean and smooth shingle beach, consisting of marble and gneiss shingle flushed from the northern Heren river and carried and piled up by the sea water.

The southeast side of the beach is a wide flat sea erosion cave. This sea erosion cave which is above sea level shows that the earth's crust rose and thus made the sea erosion cave appear on the seashore due to its lifting force. Walking toward the south, you will see the enormous gneiss rock wall with several huge quartz seams running through, which is a rare sight in Taiwan. On the far most southern side, you can see several narrow and long caves which were formed by sea water eroding the weaker parts of the cliff. One of those caves runs through the rock stratum. If you enter this cave from the north you will need to turn sideways to enter. You can hardly see your fingers when you go further to the midpoint of the cave where it is spacious. The height and width of the cave differ and you need to be careful and use your hands to feel your way forward. When a light appears ahead, you will see the exit in front of you. The cave is worth exploring. However, you should be very careful because of typhoons, earthquakes and the effect of sea water erosion can change the situation in the cave at any time.

Also along the beach to the south of the trail you will find some of the largest white quartz in this area. The large rocks on Heren Beach are good for climbing but beginners should go with an instructor.

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