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Lianhua Pond
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Huitouwan (5.1km west of Tianxiang) is located at the 168 kilometer point of the Central Cross-Island Highway. There is a rope path that connects to the ridge on the other side of Dasha River. On the other side of the rope path is the Lianhua (Lotus) Pond which is one of the natural ponds of Taroko National Park and is at an altitude of 1180 meters. During the Japanese Occupation (1895-1945), the Taroko people called it "Tian Tan" (Heaven Pond). Later on, it was renamed Lianhua pond because of its lotuses.

The Lianhua pond is about 500m in diameter. Lotuses used to grow in abundance there and were very beautiful. However veterans introduced grass carp into the pond which killed the lotuses. There was also a problem with the pond leaking which often turned it into a swamp.

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After the old veterans died or left, Lianhua pond returned to its original state, becoming a paradise for high and low altitude birds and butterflies, as well as wild animals. Exercise caution here because it is possible you may encounter wild boars. The beginning 1.5 km of the trail is level and easy. Turn right at Jiumei Suspension Bridge and go across Jiumei suspension bridge. The trail becomes steeper. It is about 2.2 km, passing through a forest, to the pond. Do consider your physical limits before setting out. A round trip will take 3-4 hours/ 7km(4.2miles). Please make sure you have plenty of water in summer and a light lunch or snacks.

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