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Xiangde Temple Trail

Once you reach Tianxiang, you can see Xiangde Temple on a plateau across the Liwu River. This temple, surrounded by mountains, looks like 9 lotuses, thus it is known as the Jiuhuashan (Nine Lotus) of Taiwan. Since vehicles cannot reach Xiangde Temple, so Xiangde Temple remains a peaceful place.

Xiangde temple is a Buddhist Linzizong temple. After the Central Cross-Island Highway opened, the main temple was completed in December of 1968. The Daxiong Boudian temple-the main temple, Tianfeng Pagoda, and the White Robed Guanyin were then successively built. Xiangde Temple then became part of the wonderful scenery of Tianxiang.

Besides general visitors, many believers come from all over island to worship Buddha or practice moral teachings here. The temple not only allows you to worship Buddha but also lets you ascend the heights and look down over the Tianxiang terraces and lovely gorge scenery. The temple also offers Buddhist souvenirs and simple and light vegetarian food and beverages for visitors. To reach the temple and pagoda and the other sights, walk across Pudu Bridge, then go up steps. The round trip will take around 50 minutes to an hour.

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