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Lushui Trail was part of the Old Cross-Hehuan Mountain Road. The Taroko National Park Headquarters & Visitor Center rebuilt it into paths due to the good road condition, beautiful landscape and significant ecological value. The width of the path is about 2 meters which is about the same as during the Japanese Era. (1895-1945) The trail has a gentle slope and is easy to walk. It is a sight-seeing path that is suitable for all ages. There is a 30 meter tunnel along the trail, so please bring a flash light.

Dense forest, cliff terrain, plants growing on the rock and historical monuments are the characteristics of the Lushui Trail. You can view the historical monuments of Taroko National Park and observe the special botanical ecosystem. Walking on this historic path you follow in the footprints of earlier people.
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Standing on the cliff, you overlook the Liwu River valley and the Lushui terrace. There are plants growing on the rocks that symbolize vitality. Among those plants, the Taroko oak is a rare species in Taiwan.

Lushui was once the home to the Taroko settlement known as "Tuoyou’en." The geological exhibition hall was once Taroko Scenic Area Administrative Office of Hualien County Government, Taroko National Park Headquarters and Taroko National Park Police Corps Office. Walks on 2 km Lushui Trail generally starts from the Lushui exhibition hall, links to the gravel paths at the end of the trail and finally returns to the Central Cross-Island highway near the campsite.

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