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Fees & Permits Entrance Fee: Free, except entering the Zhuilu Old Road

Entry to Taroko National Park is free, only if you are entering the Zhuilu Old Road required to pay the entrance fee.
Please check the “Online Application for Park Entry Permit” for more fee details.

To travel along the Central Cross-Island Highway visitors do not need to apply for a permit. Park trails shown on our website tour suggestions also do not need a permit.

If you are planning to travel in ecological protection areas and the Zhuilu Old Road, you are required to contact the Recreation & Services Section of Taroko National Park (03-8621100 ext704.Or 03-8621572 ). If the team members are all foreigners, the team leader has to be a Taiwanese in case of the emergency rescue contact. If team member are over 12, the Taiwanese leader is also apply to the second team as well for the same time period. Please notify the park headquarters' Recreation & Services Section of the duration of your stay, route and destination.

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Ecological Protection Areas in Taroko National Park.
Qingshui Mountain area.
Sha Mountain and Mt. Erzi areas.
Nanhu Mountain areas & Zhongyangjian Mountain areas.
Qilai Mountains areas and Mt. Taroko areas.
Futien Mountain and Liwuzhu Mountain areas.
Including enter the Archeological Protection Area-“Zhuilu Old Trail”—Park and Mountain Entry Permits Required
The Dual Mountain Access and Park Access Permit System and Inquiries Regarding Mountain Access Permit Issuance
The ecological protection zones of the National Park system are regions having abundant natural resources and also fragile terrains and ecosystems. Therefore stringent measures are needed to protect these zones. According to the Items 1 and 2 of the Clause 19 of the National Park Act, "In order to ensure the safety of coastal guard and military facilities, and to maintain law and order in the mountainous regions, the Ministry of National Defense and Ministry of the Interior may appoint or designate areas of coast, mountains, and important military facilities as restricted areas and make public proclamation to such effect. Citizens wanting access to the aforementioned areas must apply to the offices in charge for access permits." Hence, persons entering an ecological protection zone must apply for permit at the appropriate administrative office of the national park. Furthermore, because most of the ecological protection zones are located within the restricted mountainous areas, simultaneous application for a mountain access permit to the appropriate policing agencies must be made and granted before entering the mountainous zones.

Currently, among the 9 national parks of Taiwan, the ecological protection zones of the Taroko, Yushan, and Shei-pa National Parks mostly also belong to the restricted mountainous areas. In particular, many ecological protection zones and restricted mountainous areas are transected by main mountain-climbing trails within the parks. In order to simplify the application procedure and to strengthen service to the public, a special single window application system staffed with designated personnel is now available to process applications and issue both permits.

Due to the enactment of the "Administrative Procedure Act", the suitability adequacy of the stipulation in the original park access permit application requiring at least 3 persons in a team and a high-mountain guide become moot. Thus, the 3 high-mountain type national parks and Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of the Interior, after many sessions of discussion, have reached consensus to abolish the requirements of a high-mountain guide and 3 or more persons in a team. In order to be careful and comprehensive about the issue, and to draft pertinent matching measures to cope with the problem, all related issues in administration, environmental protection, mountaineering safety, training of volunteer service personnel and penalties for violations have received due consideration. The new policy has been submitted to Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of the Interior for approval and is slated to come into effect on January 1st, 2003. The park access permit application now has rescinded the requirement for hiring an accompanying guide and restrictions on the minimum number of persons in a team. Henceforth, in the future, when citizens apply for park access permits, just like the application for mountain access permits, can decide for themselves whether they want to hire professional guides or not based on their own mountaineering capabilities and the intended mountain-climbing trails selected. The mountaineering safety is now the full responsibility of the climbers themselves or of the team leaders.

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