Geogarphic Characteristics of Taroko National Park
The Liwu River The South-West borderline-formed by the Qilai Peaks Series The eastern borderline-the Mt. Qingshui Cliff between Heren and Chongde is the only place that borders the ocean. Taroko National Park, in the eastern part of the island, faces the Pacific Ocean on the east and covers an area of more than 92000 hectares(920 square kilometers) in the northern section of the Central Mountain Range. The Park is 36 kilometers from north to south and 42 kilometers from east to west. It is situated at the junction of three counties: Hualian, Taichung and Nantou. The park has many high mountains and steep gorges, with many peaks towering above 3,000 meters in height, and with many natural watersheds.The spectacular Taroko Gorge and the scenic beauty of the Liwu River can be viewed conveniently from the Central Cross-Island Highway. The many waterfalls, diverse forms of plant and animal life, and the indigenous Taroko people,together create the rich texture of this unique natural ecosystem.

The park is bounded by the Dajia River in the north, the Zhuoshui River in the west, and the and the Shanzhan and a Mugua River in the east. The Liwu River is the widest in the area; its drainage basin covers two-thirds of the park.
Mt. Nanhu and Qilai Peaks
Mountains over 2,000 meters high cover half the park area. Of the peaks listed in "Taiwan's One Hundred Peaks", twenty-seven are in Taroko National Park. Of these, the most renowned are the majestic Mt. Nanhu, Hehuan Snow Cap and the rugged Qilai Peaks.

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